Xpression Play

Xpression play (own concept)

Interactive system
Visual Design
Interaction design
Technical plan

Resolume Arena

Ted Voorend
Cas Dekker

CMD Technical Award 2015

How Xpression play works

Xpression Play is a multiplayer game played on an interactive system. The game is played by four players and shown on a large 360 ​​degree LED installation. During the game colored blocks will fall down. At the beginning of the game every player is assigned a color. It is intended that the players shoot the colored blocks of their own color. By shooting the correct blocks, the player receives points. The player with the most points after two minutes is the winner. An important part of the game is that the player can control the entire LED system when it hits a certain number of blocks in succession without missing a single shoot. The game will now stop temporarily, and the user can control the entire LED system by moving his smartphone. After a few seconds the game will continue.

Xpression play game setup

Xpression at Mysteryland 2015

We had built a 360 degrees interactive system to let the visitors experience the Xpression Play game a Mysteryland festival. The visitors were able to play the game with their own smartphone, making it accessible for everyone. Normally, the experience at a festival is passive. This means that the visitors can enjoy a lightshow or music, but can’t participate. With Xpression people can give their own input to the system making it even more fun!

The people on Mysteryland responded very positive to the installation. Many of the visitors wanted to try it themselves or watched others participate.

Xpression Play mysteryland

Xpression Play at your evenement

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